What is the first appointment like?

If you are a new patient, and would like to schedule a first time appointment, we will need about 90 minutes together.  This will give us time to explore the various aspects of your health and what concerns you have, as well as allow for a first time acupuncture session.  Prior to this initial appointment, I will send you an information packet that will include your medical history, a symptom questionnaire designed for Chinese medicine diagnosis, a nutritional profile, and a list of medications and herbs/supplements you are currently taking.  You will either send back the information packet so I can look it over before your first appointment, or you can simply bring it with you.  Although this sounds cumbersome and time consuming, ultimately I think it works best for the patient.  By having you fill out the packet of information at home, I avoid charging you for the time it would take me to ask you all those questions!  Therefore, I don’t charge an initial evaluation fee.  That first session, even though it is likely to run over an hour, will be charged at the same rate as the shorter follow up sessions for acupuncture.